About Us

Earth to belly homestead was created on an idea of us becoming food sufficient. We then quickly realized that we couldn't keep that pleasure of eating good food for ourselves. We built our tiny house in 2017, where we have proudly lived since then. Being deeply concerned about the destruction of our environment and climate change, we thought it would be a good idea to take action and be part of the local food movement.

It's a dream come true to be able to live so close to nature and at the rhythm of the seasons. We've adopted a seasonal diet, which made us think of how unsustainable it is for our province to import most of its food and produce, especially in the winter.


We practice bio intensive farming on a micro scale. We take great pride in how we treat our animals and how we take care of the microbes in the soil, which then feed us by growing our fruits and vegetables. Life is a cycle, and every element on our homestead is now part of that continuous cycle. Pests are a part of it, so are birds and all of the wildlife roaming our property every day.


This has so far been a great learning experience. Our customers should be proud of the role that they play in our operation that keeps growing and getting greener and greener. The best way to be sustainable is to buy local all year round.


Anything that we sell on our website or that we are associated with has been approved by us for sustainability. We do not sell anything that wouldn't be all natural and that would make animals suffer. We believe in free-range, pasture raised meat, eggs and milk, and chemical-free vegetables. We are using only organic practices.


Let us be your family farm.